Program Goals and Philosophy

Dental Assisting Program Goals

Graduates of the Dental Assisting Program are prepared to:

  • Procure and maintain employment as a dental assistant in private and/or group practices, federal, state, or local government clinics, and facilities in the armed forces
  • Be proficient and skilled in current concepts of four-handed dental auxiliary utilization.
  • Be competent in administrative functions and dental specialties as performed in a general/specialized practice.
  • Work as a team member with the dentist identifying and defining the dental assistant's role in the dental office practice.
  • Complete the national certification examination of the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) thus becoming a certified dental assistant.

Dental Assisting Program Philosophy

We believe:

  • That education for dental assistants should be developed within the organized academic setting and within the framework of the parent institution.
  • That dental assisting should be an integral part of the practice of dentistry in the health care setting.
  • That teaching and learning take place by a dynamic process involving both the teacher and the student through which change and growth in the individual occur.
  • That the curriculum should reflect both theoretical principles and supervised experience for high level performance.
  • That the curriculum should provide for differences in learning styles of the students and the needs of their communities so that each student may realize their goals and meet the stated objectives.
  • That the curriculum should reflect and meet the demands established by national and state regulatory agencies that credential these personnel, and the dental assisting student should function within the legal framework of these regulatory bodies.
  • That recognizing the ever changing needs of society for dental services, the student must be assisted in providing services, without regard to age, gender, national origin, economic or social status and physical or mental ability.