Withdrawal Policy

If you need to drop a course or withdraw completely from the college, it is your responsibility to do so via an official transaction with the Records Office. Instructors cannot make the withdrawal transaction on your behalf. Failure to officially withdraw from Bluegrass Community and Technical College will result in academic difficulties for students. The student will be held responsible for any and all financial delinquencies which result from failure to complete the withdrawal process.

To Completely Withdraw From School before the First Day of Classes:

Log on to https://students.kctcs.edu and drop your courses.

To Drop a Class before the First Day of Classes:

Log on to https://students.kctcs.edu and drop your courses.

BCTC (Bluegrass) students:

Contact Student Records at BL_distancelearningwithdraw@kctcs.edu to withdraw from class. In the email, include your name, PeopleSoft ID or social security number, course prefix, course number, and section.

Non-Bluegrass students from another KCTCS Home Campus:

Contact your Home Campus Registrar's Office. You cannot drop the course through BCTC.

Students must be granted permission by the instructor to withdraw after midterm. To completely withdraw from all BCTC courses does not require instructor permission. A BCTC student enrolled in classes offered by another KCTCS institution must obtain the instructor's permission to withdraw from those classes.

Refer to the Registrar's Office website for more information: http://bluegrass.kctcs.edu/Registrar/Withdrawal_Policy.aspx