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QEP Read for Life

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What is our QEP?

Our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a project designed to improve student learning over a five-year period. After input from faculty, staff, students, and the community, the area we decided to address is reading. The name of our initiative is Read for LIFE (Learning, Information, Fulfillment, Entertainment).

Are You in the Know?

Why do we have a QEP?

The QEP is part of our SACS re-accreditation process. In that process we demonstrate that our standards and actions comply with principles held in common with other accredited institutions in our region. That's the compliance part. We also rally around a student learning initiative that we believe in and work on together. That's the QEP.

Who is involved?

We all are. Our topic emerged from ideas generated in a college-wide meeting. Our QEP's name and logo were chosen during college-wide contests. Our strategies evolved from a college-wide suggestion process.

BCTC faculty, staff, and students have expressed their views on reading in surveys and in open sessions. We've also contacted and consulted with members of our various boards - Board of Directors, Foundation Board, Alumni Board, and advisory committees.

Who will benefit from our QEP?

Everyone! Students will benefit most, of course, because stronger reading skills will help them succeed now and over their lifetimes. But faculty and staff will benefit, too, as we improve how we teach and interact with students. We'll measure the impact of what we do and adjust further as we understand more. But since we'll be learning as well, through our own research and through our own professional development, everyone stands to gain.

Read for Life: Goals and Strategies