Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff play a very important role in our QEP/Read for LIFE initiative. Faculty and Staff OWN the QEP! In fact, from its very inception, faculty and staff input decided that BCTC’s Quality Enhancement Plan would focus on reading, thus Read for LIFE (Learning, Information, Fulfillment, Entertainment) was born. Read for LIFE Logo

As QEP/Read for LIFE owners, find out more about:

  • three Read for LIFE goals and data gathered relating to those goals.
  • Sharefest: encourages a regular exchange of instructional ideas among full-time and part-time reading faculty in order to strengthen students’ learning experience in reading courses.
  • the COMPASS Reading Refresher: ensures that reading placement, along with advising for students placing into reading courses, is as accurate as possible by offering students COMPASS Reading “tutoring” through Blackboard’s eCommunity, (available from all campuses).
  • Reading Partnerships that develop and utilize discipline-appropriate classroom reading strategies and materials across the curriculum, (note: Reading Partnerships offer one course-release for faculty that “partner” with a reading instructor).
  • trained RDG 020 Reading Advisors, along with the RDG 020 Advising Checklist, and Mandatory Placement documents.
  • QEP/Read for LIFE Professional Development online.