Attention All Students: Do you want to be “In the Know”?

The QEP/Read for LIFE initiative was developed by Faculty and Staff at BCTC for a very important person...YOU! Our BCTC Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) focuses on reading. Who reads tons of information every week? You do, right? So our QEP/Read for LIFE initiative focuses on YOU!

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Read for LIFE (Learning, Information, Fulfillment, Entertainment) focuses on you in all your classes to help you with the GI-NORMOUS college reading assignments you have to read quickly and efficiently.

Have you ever read 10 pages of Biology or History, only to discover that you don’t remember anything you’ve read when you put down the book? Read for LIFE offers one-on-one tutoring for all your college classes.

Take a second to explore the sections below. Learn how you can read quickly and efficiently, no matter the class. You will find out more about: