Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology is essentially the link between engineering design and machine operation. Engineering Technicians work with Engineers in the design progress prototyping systems and testing designs. They work with existing systems during and after production to make sure the manufacturing process is working properly and change the processes if necessary. After manufacturing, technicians are involved in troubleshooting and repair of systems “in the field.” We offer Engineering Technology programs specializing in Electronics, Industrial systems, Computers, and Electronic Communications.

This is a link to a set of videos about the programs offered in our division. Keep in mind they are a few years old so some of the information may be a little off or just incorrect. It is still a good introduction to what types of jobs are out there and what the classes prepare you for.

MIT Program Information - YouTube

Industrial Engineering Technology

Industrial Engineering Technology focuses on the electrical systems that make automation work. Technicians in this area focus on the electrical motors, controls systems, and motor controls and may go to work in manufacturing facilities to maintain, repair and modify electrical systems.

Electronic Communications Technology

This program prepares a graduate to go to work in the area electric and electronic communications. In this program you will learn the fundamentals of electrical and electronics, as well as how electronics is used in communication systems. Graduates are prepared for entry-level careers in troubleshooting and repair of electronic systems, consumer electronics, and telephone and cable systems.

Electronics Engineering Technology

This program studies the fundamentals of electricity and focuses on electronic devices and digital electronics. This program is for the person who wants to understand the basics of electricity and electronics and go to work in the electronics area in electronics repair, electronics assembly, and testing. Computer Maintenance Technology, a specialization of the Engineering Technology Program, this field of study will prepare you to understand how a computer and a data communications network works. You will be able to build, troubleshoot and repair computers, you will be to wire networks, and maintain popular Operating Systems.

Engineering Technology Curriculum

AAS Degrees in Engineering Technology Checklist (PDF)
AAS Degree Checklist for students beginning Fall 2011 ("ELT" Courses) (PDF)
We offer an Associates of Applied Science Degrees in Engineering Technology in 4 specialized areas: Electronics, Industrial, Computer Maintenance, and Communications.

Certificates for students beginning Fall 2011 ("ELT" Courses) (PDF)
It is possible to receive a number of certificates in this area if you do not want a degree, or are in the process of earning a degree.

Diplomas in Engineering Technology Checklist (PDF)
Diplomas for students beginning Fall 2011 ("ELT" Courses) (PDF)
A Diploma in Engineering Technology is for professionals who want the technical classes, but are not interested in the general education courses.

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