New Incoming Freshmen

Welcome Bluegrass Community and Technical College Freshmen Students!

New Incoming Freshman: A new incoming freshman is a student who has never attended college before.

Once you have been fully admitted and received your admissions packet, you may schedule your Testing appointment (if needed) and Orientation session! To schedule a COMPASS test appointment please call 859-246-6220. To schedule Orientation/Advising please refer to the link provided in your admissions packet.

As a New incoming freshman, you must have test scores that meet BCTC's benchmark(see below for BCTC’s requirements).

Note: If you need to COMPASS test please make sure you schedule and complete your testing before your Orientation session or if you have recently taken the ACT or COMPASS please bring an official copy of those scores with you to your appointment.

Testing appointments are for students who:

  • Have never taken the ACT/SAT, or have taken the ACT/SAT more than 3 years ago.
  • Have taken the ACT but scored lower than: 20 in Reading, 18 in English/Writing, and 19 in Math.

Please come prepared for your appointments!

Before your appointments please visit the admissions guidelines page to ensure you have completed all necessary steps!

Please review your Academic Advising Syllabus prior to your Orientation session!

In addition to the admission guidelines above please prepare for your Orientation session by doing the following if necessary: 

  • Apply for Financial Aid,
  • Bring an official copy of ACT, SAT, COMPASS scores.*
  • If you have completed dual credit/enrollment coursework through your high school and a college, submit the official college transcript to BCTC and bring a copy to your Orientation session.
  • Review the programs BCTC offers.
  • Review the Schedule of Classes.

*Please Note: If your ACT/SAT/COMPASS scores are more than 3 years old and/or you have not completed college level or transitional courses, especially in Writing and Math, you will be required to take the COMPASS Placement exam in order to advise you appropriately. The COMPASS test must be completed prior to your Orientation session.