Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education


The Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Program is designed to provide students an understanding of the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development for working with young children. Opportunities to apply this knowledge in practical experiences are incorporated in the curriculum. Curriculum topics include, but are not limited to developmental ages and stages, health and safety, curriculum planning, assessment and family involvement. Employment opportunities are available in public and private preschools, early care educational settings, early intervention programs, Head Start, hospitals, campus child development centers, rehabilitation clinics and recreation centers.

While many of the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education courses are offered via distance learning this program is not an on-line degree program. Also, students are required to complete at least a portion of their field experiences outside of their place of employment. Students who are employed in Family Day Care will need to plan to fulfill their practicum hours in a child care center.

Many of the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education courses are offered via distance learning, but this program is not an on-line degree program. Students are required to complete at least a portion of their field experiences outside of their place of employment.

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Hi, my name is Maria Rutherford. I am the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Coordinator here at Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

I am happy that you have decided to pursue Early Childhood as your career choice. I also understand that you want to get started in classes today but, there are many things that have to happen before classes begin. Let's make sure you have checked your list twice.


  1. Have you applied to BCTC? If not, you must complete an application. If you have not completed an application within the last two months, please re-submit an application. If you are currently taking a BCTC class, you are fine.
  2. Have you completed your FASFA? If not, contact the Financial Aid Office.
  3. Have you spoken with Cassie or Leigh about your KIDS NOW Scholarship? Call to see if you are qualified. Their numbers are: (859) 246-6738 and (859) 246-6796.
  4. If you have answered all the above, you are ready for NEW IECE Student Orientation. Mark your calendar and RSVP to Maria Rutherford.
  5. If you would like to jump start, you may read the Advising Packet (PDF - 1296 KB), fill it out and send it off for your BCTC CAN Check and BCTC KSP Police Check. Advising Checklist 
  6. If you are a new IECE Student, you must attend our New Student IECE Orientation and may sign up for your classes and participate in a general overview session of how the program works. So You Want to Be a Teacher?

News Flash!

10 "Soft" Skills of a Child Who is Kindergarten Ready


Advising for summer and fall, 2013 is here! The Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Program is moving forward. Exciting and new things are happening in our discipline. A copy of the 2013 IEC Summer and Fall, Advising Packet is posted above. I hope this will be an asset to you whether you are a student, IEC professor, IEC Advisor, IEC Friend, or Campus Director. Please fill free to pass this information on to people who may touch the lives of IEC students here at Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

  1. Your advising packet is for YOU. BCTC IEC cares about you as a student in our major. We have scheduled group advising sessions so you can meet Ms Maria, your coordinator and ask her questions.
  2. The newest tool, IEC will be using is our IEC Website which will have several new IEC Help Video’s up and running within two weeks. You will be able to watch How to Videos on:
    1. NEW IEC Student Orientation 
    2. How do I set up my KCTCS email?
    3. How do I enroll in eCommunity?
    4. How do I fill out the Background Check Forms for BCTC?
    5. Who is the IEC Coordinator and what do they do for me?
    6. What is the CDA 2.0?
    7. Most asked Advising Questions answered by Ms Maria.
  3. The National Council for Professional Development which issues the CDA will be breaking out the NEW CDA 2.0 this summer. Your IEC 101 and IEC 102 will reflect those changes beginning in the summer, 2013. 
  4. New Kentucky Regulations for childcare go into effect April 1st. I have placed a short version of the changes in your Advising Packet.
  5. Did you know that in the fall, 2012, BCTC IEC implemented an IEC Course Shell? All BCTC IEC classes have the same format and students love it! Once you learn to navigate a BCTC IEC class, you can navigate all of them. We are making online learning fun and a success for you. Plus, when you take a BCTC professor, you have access to speak to your professors about deadlines, questions on homework, etc.
  6. Did you know that during the fall and spring, BCTC IEC has their own tutor? Yes, we want you to succeed. The tutor works with all BCTC IEC professors to ensure YOU have the best experience and help when you need it. Look for details in your advising packet.
  7. We will be offering summer courses online during Summer I and Summer II.
  8. We will be offering several online IEC courses in the fall as well. Please see your packet for BCTC Classes.
  9. In person classes will be held at the Lawrenceburg campus and Leestown Campus. Please note: IEC 170: Observation and Assessment will be taught at Lawrenceburg Campus in the fall. IEC 216 and IEC 246 will be taught in person at the Leestown Campus in the fall. These are classes which you need to take in person and from BCTC because of portfolio reasons in your graduating class, IEC 291.
  10. You will need to renew your Observation Folder Background Checks in August, 2013 for 2013 – 2014. If you have completed your checks in January, 2013, you are set for 2013 and 2014.

My hope is that each of you are a success. Your advisors are here to assist you and ensure you have the information you need to become a great student within your major.

Maria C. Rutherford, M. Ed.
Coordinator/Assistant Professor
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
Lawrenceburg Campus - Room 116
Regency Campus - Room 111 
Phone: (859) 246 6616