Grant Process

Grant Proposal Route

Step 1: Development and Discussion of Idea

2 – 12+ months prior to deadline

  • Review the literature
  • Discuss idea with Program Coordinator and Assistant Dean
  • Identify other faculty/staff with similar interests
  • Write one-page preliminary proposal with budget estimate

Step 2: Identify Funding Sources

2 – 12+ months prior to deadline

  • Get assistance from Grants Director
  • Get on the Internet
  • Contact potential sponsors and ask questions

Step 3: Preliminary Approval

1 –3 months prior to deadline

  • Submit preliminary approval form and pre-proposal to Grants Director

Step 4: Formal Proposal Development Start at least

Start at least 2 months prior to deadline

  • Establish working schedule to meet deadline
  • Follow the guidelines
  • Get budgetary assistance
  • Ask colleagues and Grants Director to critique your draft

Step 5: Final Internal Approval and Submission

During final weeks prior to deadline

  • Polish final version of proposal
  • Complete, sign, and obtain other signatures for Internal Approval Form
  • Submit completed forms and final version of proposal to Grants Director for submission to sponsor

Step 6: Post-submission Activities

Notice of award may be received anywhere from 3-9 months AFTER submission

If funded:

  • Send copy of award letter to Grants Director
  • Meet with Grants Director and Account Secialist to discuss account procedures and review project requirements
  • Complete progress reports by required deadlines

If not funded:

  • Request reviewers’ comments
  • Rewrite and resubmit if appropriate
  • Explore activities that can improve your future funding chances

Keep everybody in the loop and plan ahead!