Grants Management

Congratulations on the success of your grant proposal!

Please refer to the BCTC Grants Manual for general information and guidelines.

You’re funded! What happens next?


If your proposal is approved for funding, pat yourself on the back; have a celebration; and then get ready to really work! It took a lot of hard work to win that grant, and you will want to continue to impress the sponsor that you are worthy of their support – for this grant and the next!

  • Send copy of award letter to the Grants Coordinator. You may be the only person who receives a copy of the award letter. Make sure the appropriate people know about your award (tell the President!) so the colleCollege Experience Campge can brag about your achievement! You will also need to get your account set up so that you can get to work.
  • Meet with the Grants Coordinator, and the Budget Director if needed, to discuss accounting procedures and review project requirements. Complete progress reports by required deadlines. Maintain a good relationship with the sponsor by following your project plan as you presented it in the proposal. Again, remember that YOU are ultimately responsible for your project!