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Departmental Web Content

Departmental content is the responsibility of a Content Manager.  Each department / division will assign at least one Content Manager.  Choosing departmental content managers is up to the discretion of the individual departments.

All departmental content placed on the website will be subject to the Web Accessibility Guidelines.  Any web content not meeting these standards will be brought to the attention of the Content Manager and ITS.  Content not meeting these standards will be subject to removal from the server.  Web Services will work with the content manager to bring the departmental web content up to ADA guidelines.

Content Manager duties also include:

  • Keeping all content current
  • Publishing the web page/site
  • Ensuring compliance with Bluegrass District and KCTCS policies
  • Notifying the responsible parties if linking to another web page/site
  • Ensuring that the finished page/site is accessible through common browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape
  • Making certain all aspects of the site are functioning properly
  • Notifying Web Services when the site becomes functional

All faculty and staff members chosen as content managers are encouraged to take advantage of the technology training offered by Web Services.