Technology Purchasing Guidelines

Responsible Unit: Information Technology Services

To promote compatibility within the BCTC computing environment, ITS will review and facilitate all computing technology related purchases.

The following guidelines have been adopted to expedite the process:

  • A KCTCS BA8 form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate requesting department/division official for signature verification.
  • The approved BA8 form must then be submitted to the ITS Purchasing Agent.
  • ITS will process the paperwork and charge the requesting departmental account for the purchase.
  • Upon arrival, ITS will notify the requestor and schedule the installation if required.

The following items are to be considered as computing technology related purchases:

  • Workstation or similar device, peripheral, or software.
  • Any device such as a PDA that will be connected to an institutional workstation.
  • Any scanning device.
  • Any telephone related device or peripheral such as a head set or answering machine.
  • Audio visual devices such as projectors, TV’s, VCR’s, and DVD’s.

All printers and MFPs are covered under a master agreement between BCTC and Konica-Minolta. In the event that your department needs a new laser printer/MFP, please complete the request form which is located on ITES at the following link:

Cell Phone and Pager Requests

To request cell phones and pagers, a Cell Phone Request form must be completed by the supervisor and submitted to the President’s Office for approval,

The Cell Phone Request form is available at the following web address: