Technology Training

The Technology Resource Center offers training for all faculty and staff members.  Employees may attend training in one of the following three formats:

  • Training courses:  Training courses are offered on a regular basis in the TRC.  Some of the more common training courses offered are Blackboard, Microsoft Office, Macromedia products, Outlook, and ADA compliance.  The TRC also offers training not listed and will be available for departmental requests for training.
  • By Appointment:  Appointments are available for one-on-one consultation and training.
  • Walk-in:  Faculty and staff may stop by at any time for one-on-one training provided that staff members are available to provide the training.  If no personnel are available, appointments will be set up or the trainee may wait for the next available person.

Additional information regarding training, including contacting ITS for training requests and available training dates/times, may be made by visiting the following web address: