Ebrary Guide

What Is Ebrary?

Ebrary is an e-book database. It contains more than 120,000 full-text electronic books.  With Ebrary, you can look up a library e-book and read it online.  If you want, you can print a few pages of the book, download a chapter of a book as a PDF, as well as other options.

Ebrary e-books can be good sources to use when looking for information to cite in your BCTC college papers and other writing assignments.

How Do I Get Started?

Easy Access

You can access Ebrary from any computer with internet access.  Just click on a link to Ebrary from our BCTC library web pages.
If prompted (off-campus users), log in using your BCTC KCTCS Peoplesoft e-mail login/password.

Searching For and Opening a Book in Ebrary

After clicking on the link to Ebrary from our library website, you can use the "simple search" search box to search for e-books by keyword, or use "advanced search" to search by title, subject, author, and more. Click on a book's title from the search results, and then open the book by clicking on the "Read Online" box.

KCTCS Catalog 

Links to BCTC's Ebrary e-books exist in the KCTCS library catalog as well. When there is an Ebrary e-book link in the catalog record, you can click on that link to access the e-book.

Free Ebrary Account (optional)

Set up a free Ebrary account to enable some extra features. Click on "sign in" option in the upper right hand corner of Ebrary to set up an new account.

With an Ebrary account:

  1. full-length books can be downloaded for a short-term check out period using Adobe Editions software. If downloading an entire Ebrary e-book onto your personal device for a fixed period of time, you will need to install the free Adobe Digital Editions software on your home computer or device (see Ebrary site for more details).
  2. Books can shelved on a digital "Personal Bookshelf" for easy reference later. 
  3. Personal Bookshelf books can be highlighted, bookmarked and annotated to suit your individualized needs.

More Information

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