Ebrary Guide

What Is Ebrary?

Ebrary is an e-book database. It contains more than 70,000 full-text electronic books.  With Ebrary, you can look up a library e-book and read it online.  If you want, you can also print a few pages of the book.

Ebrary e-books can be good sources to use when looking for information to cite in your BCTC college papers and other writing assignments.

How Do I Get Started?

Easy Access

You can access Ebrary from any computer. Just click on a link to Ebrary from our BCTC library web pages.
If prompted (off-campus users), log in using your BCTC KCTCS Peoplesoft e-mail login/password.

Searching For and Opening a Book in Ebrary

You can use the "simple search" search box to search for e-books by keyword, or use "advanced search" to search by title, subject, author, and more. Opening an e-book is as simple as clicking on a book's title from the search results.

KCTCS Catalog Option

Links to BCTC's Ebrary e-books exist in the KCTCS library catalog as well. There are links to BCTC's Ebrary e-books in the catalog records, which you click on to access an e-book.

Ebrary Reader (optional)

At home, you may want to download the free Ebrary Reader software so that you can use some of Ebrary's special features. It takes only a minute or two to download the reader and it is available from a link within the Ebrary site. It is optional, but has some added features you may like, such as Ebrary Bookshelf and highlighting/bookmarking. (If choosing to install Ebrary reader, make sure your Java is Version 6 or above. Go to http://www.java.com to find out what version you have now).

Downloading E-Books (optional)

If you like, you also have the option to download in Ebrary. Most Ebrary e-books include two download options (page range or entire book). Both download options require you to create a free Ebrary user account.

If downloading an entire Ebrary e-book onto your personal device for a fixed period of time, you also will need to install the free Adobe Digital Editions software on your home computer or device (see Ebrary site for more details).