What is Industrial Maintenance Technology?

Industrial Maintenance Technology involves keeping industrial systems working properly. Technicians working in industry are the people who work directly with machines: troubleshooting, calibrating, repairing, re-programming, and maintaining them. They are involved with installing machines, making them work, taking care of them so they do not break down (maintenance), re-programming/re-building them to do different tasks, and trouble-shooting and repairing them when they fail.

This is a link to a set of videos about the programs offered in our division. Keep in mind they are a few years old so some of the information may be a little off or just incorrect. It is still a good introduction to what types of jobs are out there and what the classes prepare you for.

MIT Program Information - YouTube

Industrial Maintenance Technology Curriculum

AAS Degree in Industrial Maintenance Technology Checklist (PDF) We offer an Associates of Applied Science Degrees in Industrial Maintenance Technology

Certificates in Industrial Maintenance Technology Checklist (PDF) It is possible to receive a number of certificates in this area if you do not want a degree, or are in the process of earning a degree.

Diplomas in Industrial Maintenance Technology Checklist (PDF) A Diploma in Industrial Maintenance Technology is for professionals who want the technical classes, but are not interested in the general education courses.

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