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Schedule Proctored Exam

Students taking proctored exams for Mathematics and Statistics courses must schedule an appointment to take the exam with a proctor. A proctor is a testing center staff member, instructor, librarian, or other educational professional, approved by the course instructor, who verifies the identification of students and serves as a monitor while the student takes the exam. Exam information, including password and permitted exam materials, will be provided for KCTCS proctors in the KCTCS Distance Learning Proctor Resource Database.

Proctored Exam Appointments

Within the BCTC Service Area:

If you will be taking your proctored midterm or final exam at a BCTC campus, use the Schedule Proctored Exam link below to schedule your proctored exam appointment.  If you are having trouble scheduling your appointment, please contact Sandra Mullins. You should receive a confirmation email with details of your proctored exam appointment.

Outside the BCTC Service Area:

If you will be taking your proctored midterm or final exam at another KCTCS college, contact the testing center of the appropriate college.  The Testing Center Information link below provides testing center contact information.