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Private Tutors

The following individuals have expressed an interest in doing private tutoring. This is a referral service only. Students wishing to employ a tutor must make all arrangements and agreements regarding tutoring services provided. BCTC is not responsible for arrangements or outcomes regarding this list.

This list includes tutor contact information, tutoring areas, hourly rates, and locations.

Tutors listed alphabetically by last name.

Kristen Bowlds

(859) 797-9265
MAT 055, MAT 065, MAT 085, MAT 150, MAT 155, MAT 160, MA 113, MA 114, MA 213
BCTC Cooper or Newtown Campus, UK campus, Any location
$20 per hour

Dr. Drew Butcher

(859) 433-1772
Tutoring All Math Subjects
See website for pricing details, tutoring locations, and hours of operation

Jessamyn Evans

(606) 776-9835
Pre-Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Statistics and Computers
Lexington and Nicholasville Areas
$15 per hour
Evenings and Weekends

Justin Johnson

(859) 866-8930
Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry
Cooper or Newtown Campus
$15 per hour

Martin Knox

(859) 205-1257
MAT 055, MAT 065, MAT 085 (MA 108R), MAT 105, MAT 116, MAT 150, MA 113
$15 per hour

Darlene Lotz

(502) 370-8107
MAT 055, MAT 065, MAT 075, MAT 085, MAT 150
Lexington or Georgetown
$20 per hour

Theodoros Kyriopoulos

(859) 953-3166
MA109 (MAT150), MA112 (MAT155), MA123 (MAT170), MA 113, MA114, MA162, MA213, MA214
Vicinity of UK campus and nearby cofee shops. I DO NOT DRIVE.
$30 per hour

Ashley Mailloux

(716) 957-2764
Calc I-IV, Contemporary Math, College Algebra/Functions, Linear Algebra
BCTC Newtown or Transy Library
$11 per hour

Melody Millage

(407) 496-2499
College Algebra, Trigonometry, Business Calculus, Calc I, Calc II
Cooper Campus
$13 per hour

Sara Sauer

(859) 533-6551
MAT 055, MAT 065, MAT 085
Tates Creek Library
$25 per hour

Betty Vanderpool

(859) 940-3433
Available M and W evenings and some weekends
All math subjects through Calc 2 - including MA 162, MA 111, and MAT 105
$30 per hour

Mahya Zavarian

(859) 230-9631
Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus
Cooper, Leestown, or Newtown Campus
Rate TBD

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