Community Connections

Community Connections

BCTC Campus and Community Services

Diversity Outreach Services partners with schools, churches, and community based organizations and businesses to promote higher education, utilize resources and build and maintain positive relationships within the community.

Diversity Outreach Services participates in college, career and health fairs at elementary, middle and secondary schools, churches and community events. It also provides educational presentations for schools, churches and community organizations. Diversity Outreach Services provides mentoring for middle school and high school students and offers BCTC students opportunities to assist with youth mentoring in the schools and community.

For More Information about COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS go to, contact, call 859/246-6529 or stop by103J Oswald Building - Cooper Campus.

God's Pantry Referral

BCTC students who need assistance with food can receive a referral to God’s Food Pantry through Diversity Outreach Services. Confidential services are provided to assess student needs for referrals to God’s Pantry distribution locations. Also, applications for God’s Pantry Thanksgiving Baskets are available for the holiday season. Interested students are required to schedule an appointment with the Diversity Outreach Coordinator and bring picture ID’s and social security cards for everyone in their households to check for eligibility. Students who meet the eligibility guidelines are then referred to specific locations to pick up their food allotment. 
For more information about Diversity Outreach’s Community Connection services please contact or call 858/246-6529 or stop by 103J Oswald Building - Cooper Campus.