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Virtual Lab 7


Schistosoma egg
Lab 7 - Schistosoma Egg
  Schistosoma Cercaria Lab 7 - Schistosoma Cercaria
Taenia solium ova Lab 7 - Taenia Solium Egg   Proglottid of tapeworm lab7_proglottid_tapeworm
Ascaris egg Lab 7 - Ascaris Egg   Enterobius vermicularis egg
Lab 7 - Enterobius Vermicularis Egg
Trichuris trichuria egg Lab 7 - Trichuris Trichuria Egg   Necator americanus ova Lab 7 - Necator Americanus Egg
Stronglyoides stercoralis Lab 7 - Stronglyoides Stercoralis   Trichinella spiralis cyst Lab 7 - Trichinella Spiralis Cyst