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Virtual Lab 8

Arthropod Vectors

Aedes Mosquito                              Culex Mosquito

lab8_Aedes Mosquito                     lab_8 Anopheles Mosquito


Anopheles Mosquito                       Triatoma (kissing bug)

lab8_ Anopheles Mosquito                      lab2_8 Triatoma (kissing bug)


Glossinia (Tsetse Fly)                           Ixodes Tick

lab8_Glossinia (Tsetse Fly)                       lab8_Ixodes Tick


Dermacentor Tick                            Xenopsylla Rat Flea

lab8_Dermacentor tick                        lab8_Xenopsylla Rat Flea


Pediculus Louse (Lice)

lab8_Pediculus Louse (lice)