Submitting Time-sheets & Absence Forms

Time-sheets and absence forms may be submitted

  • To the Human Resources box at Newtown Campus or
  • To the Payroll Box by the Cashier at Leestown Campus or
  • To the Payroll Box on Cooper in the Maloney Building, Room 208 or
  • via e-mail to or
  • via campus mail 

If you submit via e-mail, you must still provide Payroll with the originals to meet our audit requirements.

  • You may then submit the originals to the Human Resources box at Newtown Campus or
  • To the Payroll Box at Leestown Campus or
  • To the Payroll Box at Cooper or
  • Send through campus mail to the Payroll Department, Leestown Campus, Building C, Room 112 

Time-sheets and absence forms should be submitted by the employee's Supervisor or the Supervisor's Division Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

Note: An employee may not submit his/her own time-sheet or absence form.

Time-sheets and absence forms must be signed by the employee's supervisor. If the employee's supervisor is absent, the forms must be signed by the next-level above the employee's supervisor.

Time-sheet Checklist: