Purchase Requisitions

Requisitions are initiated in PeopleSoft using the purchasing module.

Requirements, as defined by KCTCS Business Procedures, are summarized, below:

 Estimated cost of purchase    Requirement          Business procedure
 > $40,000*         Sealed bid             4.14
 > $20,000 and < $40,000*    Quote must be obtained from at least 3 vendors     4.14
> $5,000 and < $20,000     Quote must be provided from vendor 4.3
 < $5,000** Quote must be provided from vendor  

 *Where there is no price contract or other special purchase authority.

**Purchases with an estimated cost < $5,000 may be obtained via procurement card or voucher, unless requisition specifically required.  Furniture and printing must always be purchased via requisition, regardless of amount.

Please contact Melissa Jones at (859) 246-4624 / mjones0401@kctcs.edu or Amy Spears at (859) 246-6276 / amy.spears@kctcs.edu with questions related to requisitions.