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BCTCblue+ is a dual enrollment partnership between Bluegrass Community and Technical College and the University of Kentucky. The program is designed for BCTC students who intend to complete an Associate in Arts or Science degree (AA or AS) and then transfer to UK.

Students enrolled in this program are eligible to take up to 12 credit hours (or four courses) of pre-major and major coursework at UK while pursuing an AA or AS degree at BCTC. BCTCblue+ students pay the BCTC tuition rate for the allotted 12 credit hours of UK courses.

BCTCblue+ program

Benefits of BCTCblue+

Complete UK’s General Education requirements while at BCTC:

When you earn your Associate in Arts or Science degree, you will be General Education Certified. The certification ensures you will not have to take additional general education courses when you transfer to UK.

Enhanced Academic Advising:

The UK Transfer Advisor can help you plan your progress toward graduation from UK while still a student a BCTC. In addition, you will benefit from personalized academic advising that will ensure your awareness of the courses necessary for your transfer to UK. You can meet with the UK Transfer Advisor in the BCTC Transfer Center or in Undergraduate Studies at UK.

Admission to UK:

You are guaranteed admission to UK when you complete your AA or AS degree at BCTC.

UK Courses at BCTC Tuition Rates:

You can take up to 12 credit hours (or four courses) of pre-major and major courses at UK as a BCTC student and pay BCTC tuition rates. BCTCblue+ students are eligible to take courses at UK that are not offered at BCTC. Enrollment in the BCTCblue+ program allows you to priority register for your courses at UK.

BCTC – UK Pathway to Transfer Guides:

Pathway Guides provide suggested sequences of coursework that will satisfy the requirements for an AA or AS degree at BCTC and that are well-suited for completing more than 50 UK undergraduate majors in approximately two to three years after earning the AA or AS degree.

Live in UK housing:

You can apply for UK housing and dining services.

Take advantage of UK Student Services:

You will have the option to create your own unique plan by selecting from a menu of student services, including UK athletic tickets.

You must have 12 or more in-class credit hours, (online courses do not count toward eligibility), at the Cooper or Winchester Campus to be eligible to pay the Athletics Fee.

Apply to UK for free:

When you are ready to graduate from BCTC and transfer to UK, UK will waive the admissions application fee.

Program Eligibility

Eligibility for the program is based on the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at BCTC
  • Enrolled in an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree program 
  • Plan to transfer to UK 
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA at BCTC 
  • Must have at least 15 earned and in-progress credit hours to be eligible to take your first course at UK through the BCTCblue+ program

Applying for BCTCblue+

Meet with your BCTC Academic Advisor each semester.

  • Meet regularly with the UK Transfer Advisor.
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Earn your AA or AS degree.
  • Apply and transfer to UK.


For submitting an application to take classes at UK through the Blue+ program for the FALL 2015 semester is July 30th 2015. All applications submitted after deadline date will be processed for the SPRING 2016 semester.

Program Details

Students enrolled in the BCTCblue+ program can take up to 12 credit hours or a maximum of four courses at UK and pay BCTC tuition rate. Students taking classes at UK through the program will also pay part-time student fees per credit hour. Some courses may also incur specific charges from the respective College. Students pay for their BCTC and UK bills separately.

The 12 credit hours (or four courses) must be spread out over the span of several semesters. The number of courses a student is able to take at UK in a given semester is based on earned and in-progress hours. Students with 15 earned and in-progress hours are eligible to take their first course at UK. Once students have at least 30 earned and in-progress hours, they are eligible to take a second course at UK. After 45 earned and in-progress hours, students can take their last two courses. If a student has 30 or more earned and in progress hours but has yet to take any classes at UK through BCTCblue+, he or she would be eligible to take two courses in the first semester of the program.

Students must never exceed the maximum of two courses at UK in any given semester through the BCTCblue+ program.

Students enrolled in the BCTCblue+ program are eligible to take courses at UK that are not offered at BCTC or online through KCTCS.

While enrolled in UK courses through the program, students are not eligible to take courses at UK above and beyond the BCTCblue+ courses.