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Online Tutoring

The Tutoring Center at Bluegrass Community and Technical College is dedicated to providing various types of tutoring to assist all of our students. One of those tutoring options is online tutoring. Currently, students can receive online tutoring using the buttons below.

Email a Tutor for Assistance


The Mathematics & Statistics Division in partnership with the Tutoring Center offers online tutoring to students who have a question or need help with a concept, but are not able to stop by the Tutoring Center during normal operating hours. As with on-campus tutoring, e-Tutoring is free of charge and available to all currently enrolled students.

Courses e-Tutors Can Assist With

MAT Courses MA Courses STA Courses
MAT 055
MA 111
STA 210
MAT 062
 MA 113   
MAT 065
MA 114
MAT 085

MAT 105
MAT 110
MAT 126
MAT 150    
MAT 155    
MAT 170    
Note:  If your course is not listed here, our e-Tutors might not be able to answer your question(s).

Disclaimer: The mission of the Mathematics & Statistics Tutorial Service, whether online or in person, is to educate, empower, and inspire students to become independent and successful lifelong learners. Our tutors will help a student understand a concept or develop problem-solving skills. Tutors will not provide final solutions to assigned problems for students but will lead them through a solutions process.

For Math e-Tutoring, email one math problem per submission:

e-Tutors usually respond to inquiries via email within 3 - 4 hours. Closed for Academic Holidays and Institutional Closing.

Writing Center:

For Writing e-Tutoring, email one writing submission per session:

The e-Tutor will return writing suggestions within 24 hours on Monday through Thursday. Submissions after noon on Thursday will generate a response by noon on Monday.

If you have questions about online tutoring, please email or