Contact Information

John Ferguson

Workforce Transitions Coordinator
164 Opportunity Way, N-121
(859) 246-6253  

Hello Workforce Students,

Please allow me a few moments to officially introduce myself. My name is John T. Ferguson. As a serious response to KCTCS’s commitment to assist you in your quest to reach your career goals, I was selected to serve as your Workforce Transition Coordinator. My years of experience and service in Higher Education as an instructor, counselor and advisor will be helpful in my goal of serving you. My objective, in congruence to that of BCTC, is for us to form viable, working relationships that will lend to the accomplishment of both your short and long-term academic and career goals. From admissions, registration, financial aid, course selection and completion to graduation, I am here to provide information, guidance, encouragement and unfailing customer service. This truly is an exciting time fostering high expectations. I look forward to meeting you and forming profitable partnerships that will be beneficial to all invested in educational pursuits.


John T. Ferguson,
Workforce Transition Coordinator