Learn by Term & Learn on Demand

KCTCS Learn By Term

With KCTCS Learn by Term (LbT), BCTC students may enroll in online classes offered by any of the 16 community colleges in KCTCS. Students pay tuition to their home college (Bluegrass). A schedule of open, KCTCS Learn by Term classes is available from the folders linked below. Click the file labeled "kctcsol":

KCTCS Learn on Demand

KCTCS Learn on Demand (LoD) offerings are unique in that they are divided into modules and parent courses. Modules are bite size classes that are about 3-5 weeks long, and a parent course is all the modules for one 3 to 4 credit hour course that lasts for 15 weeks. Learn on Demand offers students the flexibility of enrolling at classes outside the confines of the traditional semester and to complete classes in an accelerated semester.

LoD is offered in two different formats: LoD-Hybrid and LoD-Only. There are important distinctions between the two formats:


  • LoD-Hybrid should be added no later than the 7th day of the term in order for students to use financial aid.
  • LoD-Hybrid courses begin on the first Monday of the semester with new course courses starting every week through up until 6 weeks remaining in the semester.
  • LoD-Hybrid courses must be completed by the end of the regular semester term in order to keep with Financial Aid regulations.
  • Students must enroll in the full LoD-Hybrid course, cannot enroll in individual modules

LoD-Hybrid Registration Guide. This guides provides directions on how students may locate and enroll in LoD-Hybrid classes.


  • LoD-Only students may NOT enroll in campus-based and/or Learn by Term online courses.
  • LoD-Only students must change their home campus from BCTC to a college offering an LoD-Only program.
  • LoD-Only students are allowed to pick any date they wish to start their LoD-Only courses and should schedule courses 48 hours out for cash paying and 7 days for students using financial aid. Once enrolled, students will receive an email with start dates and other important date to remember about the course including drop dates.
  • LoD-Only courses are completed after a certain number of weeks, depending on the LoD course, allowing the student to cross terms.
  • LoD-Only students will forfeit KEES and CAP grant dollars.

BCTC Program Students

Bluegrass students working towards one of BCTC's online degree programs are best served enrolling in BCTC online classes. Doing so allows our students to interact with instructors who will be serving as their academic advisors and teaching their advanced classes. A list of BCTC Online Classes may be found on the Schedule of Classes page. Advisors and Students may also search for classes using the Search Tab in either the Student or Faculty Center. In the field labeled "Search for Online Classes" select "Online with Possible Proctored Exams".

Help and Assistance

Distance Learning Office
(859) 246-6603

LoD Success Coach (for LoD-Only Students)
Amanda Stephens
(606) 889-4776.