Other Online Learning Options

KCTCS Learn By Term

With KCTCS Learn by Term, BCTC students may enroll in online classes offered by any of the 16 community colleges in KCTCS. Students pay tuition to their home college (Bluegrass).  A schedule of open, KCTCS Learn by Term classes is available here:

JCTC FlexTerm

JCTC FlexTerm courses are fully online and self-paced, allowing 120 days from the date of enrollment for course completion. Because FlexTerm courses adhere to a virtual term, you’re able to enroll any day of the year; there’s no need to wait until the next semester begins to pursue your educational goals. Please note: at this time, students receiving financial aid should not enroll in FlexTerm courses. More information, including a list of available courses and enrollment instructions, can be found at the FlexTerm site.

KCTCS Learn on Demand

KCTCS Learn on Demand (LOD) offerings are unique in that they are divided into modules and parent courses. Modules are bite size classes that are about 3-5 weeks long, and a parent course is all the modules for one 3 to 4 credit hour course that lasts for 15 weeks. Students interested in LOD courses may view the course offerings and register through the KCTCS Learn on Demand Web site. For more information, registration assistance or student support contact SO_KCTCSVSSC@kctcs.edu.

BCTC's assigned LoD Success Coach is Amanda Stephens, (606) 889-4776.