Read for Life: Goals and Strategies

Our plan has three goals:

  1. Strengthen the students' learning experience in reading courses.
  2. Improve BCTC Literacy across campuses.
  3. Advance student reading in the college-level curriculum.

Each goal involves several strategies.

They include the following:

  • Monitoring mandatory placement in reading.
  • Creating a program of trained developmental advisors.
  • Providing professional development for all faculty in reading.
  • Training tutors in how to support reading.
  • Involving faculty in reviewing or suggesting reading course content - building a better bridge to college-level reading assignments.
  • Creating a strong network among reading faculty - full time and part time - on all campuses.
  • Shaping a core of concepts and terminology essential to BCTC Literacy.
  • Adjusting advising on a voluntary basis to promote functional literacy.
  • Developing a stand-alone BCTC Literacy unit in Blackboard.
  • Implementing partnerships between reading faculty and general education or technical program faculty.