In accordance with Kentucky State Legislature, degree-seeking students who have not submitted ACT/SAT scores, or who have submitted ACT scores below 18 in English/Writing, 19 in Math, or 20 in Reading must take a Mandatory Placement Exam: COMPASS. The purpose of this exam is to place students in the developmental/transitional or collegiate-level course appropriate for their skills. COMPASS is an untimed test with three sections - math, reading and writing (we also offer ESL testing in Grammar, Reading and listening/Speaking).

Walk-in COMPASS testing hours

  • Cooper Campus & Newtown Campus
    Monday - Friday
    9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Leestown Campus by appointment only-- schedule appointment

Please check for limited service dates or call 859-246-6220

If you would like to test at our other Campuses please schedule an appointment:

Danville (859) 246-6860
Lawrenceburg (859) 246-6804
Winchester (859) 246-6595

Who can take the COMPASS placement test?

All BCTC new freshmen who have never attended college must have placement test scores. ACT/SAT scores will be accepted If ACT/SAT scores meet the requirements. If scores do not meet requirements, incoming freshmen must take the COMPASS test. You may schedule you COMPASS testing by visiting our online scheduling system - you received the link in your admissions packet.

Continuing, Readmit, and Transfer students may also take the COMPASS test if needed.

All BCTC Students: The first test is free, any time after that a $20 fee is to be paid. If a student does not place the first time, a second test will be given for free. If the student does not place after the 2nd time, we will refer the student to tutoring.

KCTCS Students: Due to limited testing space, any student testing for another KCTCS college outside of BCTC may test one time free if testing accommodations are available.

Non-KCTCS/BCTC Students: The Assessment Center at the Leestown Campus will offer compass testing for non-KCTCS/BCTC students. A $30 fee will apply.

*Compass test scores can be sent to your transferring college after completion of current BCTC semester classes.

*Compass testing for Visiting students is on a case-by-case basis.

A PHOTO ID is required to take the test. Students are provided with a basic calculator, scrap paper and a pencil. NO personal items will be allowed into the testing room.