Budget Basics

Welcome to the Budget Basics Page. Here you will be able to get information on how to manage your budget lines each month.

Basics of a Chartstring

A chartstring consists of the chartfields listed below and together represent the account you would like to charge your expense to: 

 Chartfield    Identifies
 Business Unit
  5 digits
 Account   5 digits
 Type of Expenditure
 Fund   2 digits
 Funding Source
 Department   6 digits (or 000 for Non-Breakdown)
 College Department
 Program   5 digits
 General Purpose
 Class   5 digits (or 00 for Non-Breakdown)
 Type of Usage
 Grant   GRTXXXXX (5 digits)
 Number assigned by OSPA

Chart of Accounts

Anatomy of a Chartstring.

Reconciling Your Budgets to PeopleSoft data


Budget Questions

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