Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use 0502, 0508, or 0511 as an account code on my forms?

  • These are overall roll-up numbers to designate what type of expenses the budget is set-up for:
    • 0502: Salaries and Benefits
    • 0508: Current Expenses
    • 0511: Capital (Equipment) Expenses

When do I use the BA6 (Journal Entry Form)?

  • When moving a specific expense that has already occurred from one chartstring to another.

What kind of supporting documentation do I need to submit with a BA6-journal entry for processing?

  • Supporting documentation can include a copy of the invoice, or timesheet and proof of where the charge originally hit (budget report, etc.).

When do I use the BCTC Budget Transfer form?

  • When moving a portion of your department budget from one chartstring to another to cover future purchases.