General Policies

The Commonwealth of Kentucky operates under a biennial budget process. The General Assembly allocates a single appropriation to KCTCS rather than to each individual college within KCTCS. The KCTCS process is structured to comply with the Commonwealth of Kentucky's budget process. KCTCS submits its funding request to the state's Council of Postsecondary Education (CPE). The CPE reviews that request and submits a recommendation to the state legislature. The legislature appropriates funding to the CPE who then allocates funding to KCTCS. KCTCS allocates public funds to each college using the KCTCS Public Funds Allocation Model.

The annual budget is approved by the KCTCS Board of Regents. These are included in the KCTCS Annual Budget document.

In compliance with KRS 164.600 and KCTCS Board of Regents Policy, KCTCS College Board of Directors, BCTC budget requests are approved for submission to KCTCS by the BCTC Board of Directors.

BCTC adheres to KCTCS Administrative Policies and Procedures 5.4.1, KCTCS Budgetary Policies and Procedures, and the budget guidelines outlined in the KCTCS Business Procedures Manual 6.1, Biennial Budget Development to develop college budget calendar and procedures. The budget preparation is preceded and guided by stated College mission, goals, and assessments. Priorities are identified through the Strategic Needs Analysis and annual budget development process and calendar and are in accordance with College and KCTCS strategic plans. The College's budget is developed using the KCTCS Budget Development Flowchart in conjunction with the College President, Leadership Executive Team, the Vice President of Finance and Operations, the Budget Director, and the BCTC Board of Directors.

The Strategic Needs Analysis (SNA), a biennially prepared document, ties the college's goals to budget needs. The process is designed to provide colleges with an opportunity to contribute local budget requests/needs to be considered during the development of the KCTCS biennial budget. The process collects prioritized programmatic, operational, and capital funding needs for the upcoming six years. Capital projects are then extracted to be added to the KCTCS biennial capital budget requests.