Roles and Responsibilities

Vice President for Finance and Operations:

The Vice President for Finance and Operations oversees all financial operations of the College. The VP of Finance must approve all Internal Approval Forms (GC1), Budget Transfer Requests (GC2) forms, BCTC Budget Transfer Forms and Journal Entries.

Budget Office:

The College Budget Offices provide leadership in all aspects of the business and financial functions of the college, including sponsored project/grants.

  • Preparation and Submission of Annual Budget
  • Manage College Obligations and Expenditures
  • Provide Budget Training
  • Send out weekly budget reports by email
  • Send out bi-monthly payroll reports to departments and Grant PI's.
  • Process Budget Transfer Forms
  • Process Grant forms
  • Process all forms in a timely manner


The Accounting Office reviews all journal entries, enters general fund journals into PeopleSoft, and maintain all files for journal entries.

Department / Division:

Each department or division within the College is responsible for the budget allocated to them each Fiscal Year.

  • Review all activity including expenses and payroll
  • Initiate all journal entries to move expenses to correct chartstrings. Including getting appropriate approval signatures, and provide appropriate backup documentation 
  • Initiate all budget transfers to move budget to meet the needs of the department.

Principal Investigator:

The Principal Investigator (PI)/Project Director is responsible for the administration of the grant from the beginning to the completion. While administering the grant, the Project Director is responsible for ensuring that all provisions that accompany the sponsored project grant are adhered to and all the performance objectives outlined in the grant are met successfully. Project Directors are the most important administrators of the grant, and KCTCS has set up offices and business procedures to assist in the administration of sponsored projects.

  • Preparation of journal entries including filling out BA6 form, attaching backup documentation, getting authorized signatures.
  • Preparation of all budget forms including grant setup (GC1), and budget revision (GC2)
  • Review and sign time and effort certificates and return in a timely manner.