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Psychology Focus Area for the Associate in Arts Degree

Students earning an Associate in Arts degree can explore Psychology in more depth by completing a Focus Area. A Focus Area is a concentration of related courses not a major or minor. The Psychology Focus Area requires five courses totaling 17 credit hours. Students planning to transfer after earning an Associate in Arts degree may fulfill a number of their pre-major requirements by choosing a Focus Area. Obtaining a Focus Area, however, does not mean that a student has fulfilled all pre-major requirements for a four-year degree at the University of Kentucky or elsewhere.

Psychology Focus Area - minimum 17 credits    

Core: (14 credits)

PSY 110 - General Psychology
PSY 212 - Applications of Statistics in Psychology
PSY 213 - Research Methods
PSY 223 - Developmental Psychology

Elective: Choose one course (3 credits)

PSY 230 - Psychosocial Aspects of Death and Dying
PSY 297 - Psychology of Aging
PSY 298 - Essentials of Abnormal Psychology

Course Descriptions

PSY 110 General Psychology (3)

Introduces the history, methods and content of modern psychology. Covers the history and systems of psychology, psychological research, physiological psychology, psychological processes, developmental psychology, personality, abnormal behavior, and social psychology.
Prerequisite: ACT, COMPASS, or ASSET scores for college level reading OR completion of Transitional reading course(s).

PSY 195 Orientation to Psychology (1)

Orients students who plan to major in psychology at a four-year institution to the educational issues and potential career and employment options. Discusses career paths and employment opportunities, professional resources and issues, and educational planning. Pass/Fail only.
Prerequisite: Declared major in Psychology, or consent of instructor.

PSY 212 Applications of Statistics in Psychology (4)

Introduces students to descriptive and inferential statistics in design, analysis, and interpretation of psychological research.
Prerequisite: ACT, COMPASS, or ASSET score for college level mathematics or completion of Transitional math course(s); PSY 110.

PSY 213 Research Methods (4)

A study of the application of scientific methods to psychological research. Applies scientific methods to psychological research. Provides practical experience in designing and executing a research project using observational, survey, and/or true experimental design methodologies. Requires application of descriptive and inferential statistics and written report of research project results.
Prerequisite: PSY 110.

PSY 223 Developmental Psychology (3)

Introduces the principles of developmental psychology as seen in human growth over the entire lifespan, focusing primarily on infancy through adolescence. Emphasizes theory and data relating to developmental aspects of cognition, language, and personality.
Prerequisite: PSY 110. 

PSY 230 Psychosocial Aspects of Death and Dying (3)

Examines the biopsychological, sociological, and psychological aspects of death and dying. Covers the behavior and attitudes associated with death in preparation for dealing with dying and bereavement.
Prerequisite: PSY 110 or SOC 101, or consent of instructor.

PSY 297 Psychology of Aging (3)

Provides an overview of the demographics of aging, theories of aging, and research methods used to study adult development. Examines the biological, psychological, and social impact of aging, longevity, work, retirement, death and bereavement.
Prerequisite: PSY 110 or consent of instructor.

PSY 298 Essentials of Abnormal Psychology (3)

Provides an overview of the theories, diagnoses, and treatments of psychological disorders. Covers the biological, psychological, and social factors that influence the etiology, understanding, and management of psychopathology within society.
Prerequisite: PSY 110 or consent of instructor.