The Degree

Information Management & Design has four options for you to choose from. Each option leads to a two-year Associate in Applied Science degree. If you are planning to get the degree you will take a number of general education courses, IMD core courses, and courses for the option of your choice.

Core Requirements

The curriculum requires a certain number of core courses that every student takes. You'll take some general education courses in areas such as english and science, and you'll also take some IMD core requirements such as Intro to Information Systems and Beginning Web Design.


You will choose at least one option to specialize in. The options to choose from include Graphic Design, Web Design, and Library Information Technology. You will learn software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Microsoft Office Applications.

See the Curriculum

The IMD program also offers two certificates within the web and graphic design options. The web and graphic design certificates provide up-to-date training in current industry-standard software and trends for practitioners in the fields as well as introductory education for beginning students.

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