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The Outreach sub-committee is dedicated to raising awareness of campus sustainability initiatives and promoting best practices in environmental stewardship. The sub-committee also serves as a contact for other college committees, BCTC/KCTCS administration, and regional and state sustainability groups.


  • Develop and maintain a BCTC Sustainability Committee webpage
  • Design a display banner to promote the BCTC Sustainability Committee
  • Promote and participate in the annual national Campus Sustainability Day
  • Support student organizations and activities that encourage environmental stewardship
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As a member of the BCTC Sustainability Committee, the Transportation sub-committee participates in campus environmental stewardship activities through the development and implementation of initiatives that promote alternate forms of transportation including: riding public transportation (Lextran), carpooling, bicycling, and walking. The subcommittee also collaborates with public and private entities to encourage alternative forms of transportation on campus and in the larger Lexington community.

Short Term Goals:

  • Promote alternative forms of transportation throughthe BCTC sustainability webpage, annual Campus Sustainability Day, and printed resources.
  • Post Lextran information to sustainability webpage.
  • Develop Lextran Testimonials and post to the sustainability webpage.
  • Determine cost of riding Lextran vs. cost of driving and post to the sustainability webpage.
  • Perform an annual BCTC commuter survey.
  • Develop a comments area on the BCTC Sustainability page to encourage BCTC students and faculty/staff feedback regarding alternate forms of transportation on campus.
  • Collaborate with Lextran in obtaining and posting Lextran resources at BCTC.
  • Partner with BCTC faculty to develop student projects that would encourage alternate forms of transportation. Examples include:
    • Having BCTC welding students build bike racks using scrap bike parts provided by the City.
    • Having BCTC film students produce a “how to” video skit showing how to ride Lextran from start to finish or some sort of Lextran experience video.
  • Develop and maintain a Sustainability Committee Bulletin Board and advertise a ride share via bulletin board notices and the BCTC Student life webpage.
  • Modify the current BCTC student life page so that driving and alternative forms of transportation are on “equal footing”.

Long Terms Goals:

  • Alternative transportation needs assessment at extended campuses (e.g., level of bike usage and need for bike racks).
  • Establish a Sustainability bulletin board with ride share info at extended campuses.
  • Secure funds for a fix-it center and construction of a covered bike rack at the Newtown Campus and possibly other campuses.
  • Advertise and advocate sustainability at the BCTC 75th Anniversary 2014 (e.g., donors for bike racks/shelters).
  • Hosting “2nd Sunday” (bicycling downtown event) at Newtown during the BCTC 75th Anniversary at Newtown in 2014 and at least each year following the event.
  • Installing an art in motion bus shelter at Newtown.
  • Partner with a bike shop and other public/private entities to offer one public education event per year such as a “Bicycling 101” class.
  • Investigate employee/student incentives for alternate forms of transportation at Newtown Campus.
  • Explore other modes of alternate transportation (e.g., railroad).
  • Maintaining electronic and hard copies of Transportation subcommittee records.
  • Provide bike valet services to the Lexington Community each year August during the Woodland Art Fair.
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Buildings and Energy

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Agriculture and Food

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Policy, Purchasing, and Recycling

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