Member Directory

Membership in BCTC Alliance is open to all BCTC faculty and staff, regardless of sexual orientation.  Our goal is to expand the LGBTQIA circle of support.  We welcome everyone committed to affirming and supporting our community.  If you are unfamiliar, the A in the LGBTQIA community stands for ALLY and we want YOU to join our circle!

BCTC Alliance Member Directory

  • Melissa Terry, Director of Admissions (Chair)
  • Michael Benton, Humanities Faculty
  • Michael Birchett, Director of Financial Aid
  • Becky Critchfield, Transfer Advisor
  • Greg Feeney, Academic Dean
  • Dorita Bow
  • Debbie Dalton
  • Carol Elrod
  • Robyn Fryman
  • Karen Gauthier
  • Chrystal Hackney
  • Janet Holland
  • Erin Howard
  • Jenny Jones
  • Peggy Rinehart
  • Tri Roberts
  • Nathan Smith
  • Charlene Walker
  • Gil Wheeler