cars in the Cooper parking lot

Parking and Transportation

Student Parking

Parking is provided at each campus for students. The parking at Cooper Campus is controlled by the University of Kentucky and requires a UK parking permit. All other campuses offer designated free parking. Consult your particular campus for detailed information on parking and maps to locate the most convenient parking.

For the Cooper campus, students need to purchase either a C6 or K parking permit through UK Parking and Transportation Services. Permits are $272 per academic year (2015-16) and issued on a first come, first served basis. For more information on parking and to purchase a permit for the Cooper campus, please visit UK Student Permits. For more information on campus parking and to access parking maps, please visit Campus Parking.

LexTran Bus Services

LexTran offers a Class Pass bus pass that allows any student in Fayette County unlimited rides. The pass is $50 per semester or $75 per year and may be purchased with a valid student ID at the Transit Center downtown.

The Cooper campus is served by the #16 - Southland/BCTC bus route. The Leestown campus is accessible via the #12 - Leestown bus route. The Newtown campus is accessible via either the #4 - Newtown Pike or #2 - Georgetown Road bus routes. Riders may request transfers between these and other routes at any point where routes intersect. For more information on routes, schedules, and fares, please visit Lextran.

Bicycle Commuting

Bike racks are conveniently located at each campus location. As a security measure, Cooper campus bicyclists are encouraged (though not required) to register their bikes with UK Parking and Transportation Services. For more information on free registration, please visit UK Bicycle Information