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Breathitt Society

Breathitt Honoring a Great Citizen and Leader

People of vision have always had the power to change and dramatically influence the world around them.

Governor Edward “Ned” Breathitt was such a person. From his tenure as the Governor of Kentucky (1964-67), to his final speech, Breathitt championed the cause of community colleges. His name is synonymous with “excellence in higher education.” His dedication to the community colleges will be remembered forever through the establishment of the Breathitt Society.

Founded in his honor, the Breathitt Society brings together a select group of alumni and friends. These individuals share his vision by providing enduring and generous support to the Bluegrass Community & Technical College.

Members of the Breathitt Society  bestow a tangible affirmation of our mission that higher education begins here for all citizens of the Commonwealth. The continued financial support of Breathitt Society members provides the change, and  influences the future of the college envisioned by Governor Breathitt.