Marketing Assistance

To better assist you with your projects, all requests for marketing assistance must be submitted via the Marketing Assistance Request System (MARS) located on the ITES website

Please complete and upload the appropriate form(s) to your request to ensure the most thorough and timely response.

If you encounter any problems regarding your MARS request, please send an email to and we will address your concern as soon as possible.

Business Card Requests

Business card requests should be completed by your division office manager or administrative assistant following the procedures outlined below. Please note that business cards are now ordered from the KCTCS Xerox Center. Submitting a requisition is no longer required. 

1. Fill out the business card order form. Be sure there is a budget approval signature and budget string. 

*Please note that the costs for business cards have changed. The base price does not include shipping. Shipping charges will be added upon delivery. Even with shipping charges, the costs will still be less than with our previous vendor. 

2. Submit your completed form via MARS.

3. A proof will be generated and sent to the person who placed the order. This person will need to approve all proofs before they are printed. Since we are switching vendors, there will be some minor formatting changes.

4. Upon approval of the proof, the business card order will be placed with the KCTCS Xerox Center. All printed orders will be delivered to the Marketing Department and then sent out via inter-campus mail. 

5. Upon receipt of the invoice from KCTCS, the Marketing Department will submit a journal entry for the appropriate budget string.  

Graphic Design Requests (Brochures, flyers, etc.)

Requests for graphic design projects should be submitted as early as possible to ensure timely delivery. Please submit your requests no later than one month prior to the required due date. Be advised, depending on the type of collateral you need, your request could take up to two months (including printing and delivery) to complete, so plan accordingly.

Please complete the Strategic Message Planner and upload it along with your request in MARS. You will be contacted for a design consult by a PIM staff member.

For your convenience, you can review the brochure and flyer samples that we have established. Please plan your graphic project with these elements in mind.

If the product requires printing, a Print Order Form will also need to be completed and uploaded with your request (see “Printing Requests” below).

Photography Requests

Request for photography coverage must be submitted within one month of the date of your event.

Please complete the Photography Request Form and upload to your MARS request. A Photo Release Form must also be completed and signed by all individuals appearing in the photos. Give the form to the photographer on the day of the event.

Media Release Requests

When possible, requests for a media release should be completed at least three weeks prior to the news event. Please complete the online Media Release Form and upload it to your request in MARS.

Printing Requests

Depending on your printing needs, your request may take up to one month to complete. Please plan accordingly and submit your requests as early in advance of your due date as possible. For basic “duplicating” needs - i.e. reorders, completed artwork, etc. - your request must be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the due date.

If your job requires graphic design elements, please follow the guidelines for “Graphic Design Requests” above.

Please complete the online Print Order Form, including the department chart string info and obtain your budget authority’s signature** prior to submitting the request. The form should be printed, signed and uploaded as a PDF file to your request in MARS.

**Signature is not required for quotes; however obtaining the signature on the front end will decrease time in having to supply this information later on, should the job be processed. Once a quote and proof are prepared they will be forwarded to the requestor for approval. After the order is completed, you will be notified when the invoice and journal are submitted to accounting for processing.

Promotional Items

Promotional items are great tools to use to increase awareness and engagement among BCTC students and throughout the community. Therefore, they should be considered as part of your yearly budget planning and included in your departmental budget for each fiscal year. The ordering and receiving process for promotional items can take considerable time as various suppliers offer different production and shipping timeframes for their products. Once you have identified events for the year that require promotional items, you should take great strides to plan for them by placing your order at least two months prior to the first event.

Please submit a Promotional Item request in MARS. You will be contacted by a PIM staff member to arrange a consult to discuss your ordering options.

Social Media

Please review the social media usage policy. Requests to have information posted to BCTC’s social media sites should continue to be submitted via email to Please send your email within one week of the required posting date and indicate which site you would like the information to be posted, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.