Cooper Campus

Getting Your News Out

News Releases

You play a very important role in marketing the college. A good news release attracts the attention of the media as something they feel their audience would be interested in. It also generates publicity for the College. Sometimes your idea, or our idea of an interesting story will draw no interest from the media. With that said, we will continue to promote newsworthy events that are timely and have local implications.

The OCM needs you to provide the answers to some basic questions by completing the news release request form.

Media Advisories

These are similar to new releases in that similar information is needed, but timing is essential. The alert is meant to cause an assignment editor to send a reporter or photographer to an event that is scheduled in advance to take place. Six weeks advance notice, if possible, is the time frame for our office to properly cultivate interest for media coverage. Even then, coverage depends on topical interest compared to other newsworthy events of the day.