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Math Resources

The following math resources are provided to assist students with Mathematics and Statistics courses at BCTC. Tutoring, registration, and self-help tutorials are all part of the resources provided to help students succeed.

Check out the tutoring hours and locations for Mathematics and Statistics tutoring on BCTC campuses.
This list includes the names, contact information, and rates for private tutors.
Search the BCTC Final Exam Schedule for the current semester.
View efficient pathways for navigating through mathematics and statistics courses offered at BCTC.
View the BCTC College Math Requirements for the current academic year.
Check out the BCTC mathematics and statistics course transfer equivalencies for Kentucky colleges and universities.

View more about EdReady, a free online adaptive learning program in mathematics for current and prospective students.

Access hundreds of videos on developmental mathematics topics at the Miller/O'Neill/Hyde Support Center, created by author Julie Miller.
View University of Kentucky Major Sheets for the current academic year.
HippoCampus provides teaching and learning resources for BCTC faculty and students.
Visual Calculus is a collection of modules that can be used in the studying or teaching of calculus.