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Statistics Courses

STA 210 - Making Sense of Uncertainty: An Introduction to Statistical Reasoning (3)  - Course Information

The goal of this course is to help students develop or refine their statistical literacy skills. Both the informal activity of human inference arising from statistical constructs, as well as the more formal perspectives on statistical inference found in confidence intervals and hypothesis tests are studied. Throughout, the emphasis is on understanding what distinguishes good and bad inferential reasoning in the practical world around us.

STA 215 - Introduction to Statistical Reasoning (3) - Course Information

Introduction to descriptive statistics, normal distributions, linear correlation and regression, sampling, experiments, chance phenomena, one- and two-sample estimation and hypothesis testing, chi-square tests, and use of statistical software.
For EKU Students: Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for COR 400 or CRJ 400 or ECO 220 or EPY 842 or HEA 450 or QMB 200 or STA 270. Gen. Ed. VII (QS).
Prerequisite: Completion of all developmental requirements.

STA 291 - Statistical Methods (3) - Course Information

Theoretical distributions, statistical estimation, and hypothesis testing. Introduction to simple linear regression and correlation.  Introduction to categorical data analysis and ANOVA.
Prerequisite: MA 113, MA 123, MA 137 or equivalent.