Students in the library

Adjunct Faculty

There are 42 adjunct faculty members in the Mathematics and Statistics Division at Bluegrass Community and Technical College. Our adjunct faculty members provide assistance to students, both in and out of class, and make themselves available to students at convenient times and locations. We care about the success of our students and will do whatever it takes to help them achieve!

Faculty (in alphabetical order)

Akima, Amy
Beaulieu, Matthew
Beck, Brad
Bow, Roxanne
Bremer, Sharon
Burns, Sara
Cheung, Tak
Contini, John
Craft, Harry
Crane, Elizabeth
Czirr, Ashley
Eppinghoff, Kristin
Fraley, Patricia
France, Glenda
Garg, Aarti
Grogan, Mark
Guffey, Roger
Hart, Brian
Hiner, Lisa
Jones, Emily
Knox, Martin
Lotz, Darlene
Maharjan, Dharma
Mattingly, Kimberly
McIntosh, Lee
Miller, Johnny
Pease, David
Powell, Lori
Purvis, Mary Beth
Reece, Richard
Robertson, Megan
Sauer, Sara
Schinhofen, Jonathan
Sharp, Debra
Snow, Erica
Southall, Kathy
Steede, Brooke
Stoops, Debbie
Sublette, Jerry
Tallent, Ronni
Thompson, Monica
Vanderpool, Betty