5th Friday: A Learning College for the Community

Leestown Campus | August 30, 2013 | 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Community building a puzzleJoin your colleagues for a day of professional development as we explore what it means to be a learning college and how everyone plays a role! Explore techniques to develop curriculum, learn more about college services that will help you help students, discover things you can do to optimize your health and learning, and more!



Lunch: To help us estimate lunch needs, please RSVP here. Lunch tickets will be available at registration for those who RSVP’d. While a few extra meals will be available for those who did not RSVP, those tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis at morning registration.

College IDs: Campus security will be available to take photos for college IDs and/or ITES in the
Alcove area of the Conference Center from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. and again from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Program Agenda

8:00 - 8:20 a.m. Registration & Networking, Coffee only
8:20 - 8:30 a.m. Welcome & Panel Introduction, President Julian
8:30 - 9:30 a.m. BCTC's Role in the Learning Community Panel
  • Dr. Doug Whitlock, Founding Co-chair, Higher Education Consortium/Former President, EKU
  • Bill Farmer, President, United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Dr. Sheila Mitchell, Anderson Co. Superintendent of Schools
  • Dr. Dave Hellmich, VP Academics, BCTC
  • Dr. Palisa Williams Rushin, VP Student Development and Enrollment Management, BCTC
9:30 - 9:50 a.m. College Updates, President Julian
9:50 - 10:00 a.m. Overview of Day, Mark Manuel
CONFERENCE CENTER M120 M121 M128 M122AB M119 N119
10:15 - 11:00 a.m. Full Meeting of Staff Council Extreme Makeover: Course Edition Counseling/ Career Services: We do exist? Hazardous Waste/ GHS training First Year Experience  - Our new Class at BCTC (Fulfills QEP requirements for PPE) To Send or Not to Send? That is the Question Helping Your
Students Find Good Information
M122AB M120 M121 M115 M128 N119
11:15 a.m. - Noon QEP Read for LIFE:  Promoting Student Learning and Student Success
(Fulfills QEP requirements for PPE)
Eating for Health and Wellness The Flipped Classroom  Hazardous Communication Training Do you Feel What I Feel?  The diary of a BCTC Student EXCELerating Your Spreadsheet
Noon - 1:00 p.m. LUNCH
M120 M122AB M121 M115 M119 N119 M128
1:15 - 2:00 p.m. Phi Theta Kappa:  It's not just for nerds Top Ten Advising Tips- Things to help you with your Advising Session Secondhand Smoke: Protecting our Community Students at Risk?  EARS Advisors Want to Help! Design on a Dime: Easy Course Design with NO Technology The Outlook CAN Be Great! Getting the Most from Your Email Experience BCTC Alliance: Supporting Our LGBT Community    
N119 M122AB M128 M120 M121 M119 M122C
2:15 - 3:00 p.m. Back to Bb Basics JOINT PRESENTATION: What happened with advising over the summer &The Online Advisor The Power of Positive Thinking Blackboard Student Service Center and BCTC...Rollout Success! Student Finances - FACTS or FICTION? Good is Good, but GREAT is Better: Creating Customer Service Excellence HR to the Rescue! PPE help is here

Descriptions: Concurrent Sessions 1 | 10:15 - 11:00 a.m.

Full Meeting of Staff Council - Kelli Reno, Chair - Conf. Center
This session will include an overview of Staff Council initiatives and activities for the 2013-2014 year. Participation is also available via Lync at: https://meetings.kctcs.edu/kelli.reno/HRMNV711

Extreme Makeover: Course Edition - Connie Rine - M120
Remodel your course so both you and your students are more satisfied. Just like a home remodeling project you want to start with a plan on paper, discussions with builders or architects and an idea of what you want the outcome to be. You might not know all the steps to make your project happen but you know what you want it to be when the project is completed. In this session, find out what steps to take and who can help you complete a course remodel that is beneficial to both the faculty and the students.

Counseling/Career Services: We Do Exist? - Daniel Sulfridge, Director of Counseling Services, MA in Counseling- M121
We’ve all encountered stressful situations, but do you know how to help students who are experiencing stress? Ever wonder exactly how Counseling and Career Services helps students? Attend this session to learn more about how you can help diffuse student anxiety, what services Counseling and Career Services offer, and when it’s appropriate to refer students to them.

Hazardous Waste/GHS training - Jan Eggum - M128
This training will outline the requirement of the OSHA standard, Hazard Communication (1910 CFR 1200), for chemicals and hazardous waste. It will also outline the new requirements of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) as it impacts the Hazard Communication standard. This is required annual training for anyone working with hazardous waste.

First Year Experience - Our new Class at BCTC (Fulfills QEP requirements for PPE) - Kathi Crowe - M122AB
This session explains the new First Year Experience Class that’s designed to introduce students to the college experience and to help them succeed. Learn more about how you can help.

To Send or Not to Send? That is the Question - Deb Catlett – M119
Join BCTC Faculty and Staff for an open forum to discuss changes in campus email communication. Our president will join us to discuss listserv permissions, and we will share best practices proper email etiquette and email account security.

Helping Your Students Find Good Information – Maureen Cropper and Steve Stone – N119
The library wants to help your students do better research and turn in better projects for your classes. The library has presented to classes and has reached some students that way, but with the growth of online learning there is an increasing need to build online library instructional resources that are available outside of the traditional face-to-face classroom environment and are accessible to students anytime, anyplace. Come hear Maureen and Steve talk about the online handouts, LibGuides, web resources, and videos that are already available. Librarians also can work one-on-one with you to develop new online resources, videos, and guides that are specific to your discipline, with links that can be easily and conveniently embedded into Blackboard courses if desired. Provide feedback to the library to let us know what online resources you would like more of, and we will work with you to find solutions that are appropriate for your class that will extend student learning beyond the classroom and library doors.

Descriptions: Concurrent Session 2 | 11:15 a.m. - Noon

QEP Read for LIFE: Promoting Student Learning and Student Success - Beth Healander, Brandon Knight, and Lori Houghton - M122AB
Fabulous prizes will accompany this workshop focused on successful strategies to improve student reading that were inspired by our QEP since 2009-2010. The three goals of our Quality Enhancement Plan “Read for LIFE” will be highlighted, as well as changes implemented to meet these goals. For example, structural changes implemented in transitional reading courses to promote student success will be discussed, as well as professional development for reading faculty. Student success based on BCTC’s Literacy comparisons from 2009 -2012 will also be explored, such as: What is FERPA? Or a SAP appeal? Can you explain Selective Admission? Lastly, Read for LIFE has been the impetus for various Reading Partnerships to promote student success across disciplines. We ask that YOU share student success stories and ways in which Read for LIFE has affected YOU! We also invite you to preview our new QEP Read for LIFE webpage in exchange for fabulous prizes of course (fulfills QEP requirements for PPE)!

Eating for Health and Wellness - Jean Jackson and Rebecca Glasscock - M120
During this session, we will cover nutrition basics, the healthy phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables, and growing your own food organically – and successfully. Samples from Peace Meal Gardens, BCTC’s organic garden, will be available.

The Flipped Classroom - Ben Worth - M121
For Face-to-Face and Online Instructors alike, this presentation will show you how to get the most out of instructional technology in order to class face-to-face time efficiently and to support online instruction.

Hazardous Communication Training - Todd Gray - M115
This session will be an Awareness level course. Emphasis is placed on understanding Material Safety Data Sheets, Labeling, and will touch on the GHS (Global Harmonized System). The general audience is those individuals typically in a non-lab setting, who may handle chemicals related to cleaning supplies or mechanical/maintenance substances.

Do you Feel What I Feel? The diary of a BCTC Student - Erin Howard, Charlene Walker, Donna Murphy, Sharonda Steele, and Anita Dubose - M128
This workshop is a candid discussion about the existence of Cultural dissonance and the beliefs relative to the limited abilities of disadvantaged students that often distract from engaging in meaningful dialogue about how teaching matters in learning outcomes. We will utilize actual case studies of BCTC students reflecting their true experiences.

EXCELerating Your Spreadsheet - Bill Davis - N119
You may use Excel spreadsheets to track your data, but are you getting the most bang for your buck? To help you get the most from your experience and the data you manage, this session will introduce Advanced Filtering, Custom Sorting, Labels, Macros, Manipulating Cell Contents, Merging Contents of Cells, Splitting Contents of a Cell, and Unique Filtering. Questions welcomed!

Descriptions: Concurrent Session 3 | 1:15 - 2:00 p.m.

Phi Theta Kappa: It's not just for nerds - Cindy Baker and PTK Members - M120
At this workshop, PTK members will share the many benefits of belonging to the most prestigious honor society for two-year colleges in the entire world. Staff and faculty (gen ed AND technical) are all encouraged to attend. All attendees will be entered in a drawing for a PTK t-shirt.

Top Ten Advising Tips - Things to help you with your Advising Session - Yasemin Congleton, Ph.D., and Jessica Foley Ripley, Academic Advisor - M122AB
In the advising session, we ask, “Do you know what you need to take?” and have a conversation about academic goals and needs. In this conversation, advisors can also teach students decision making skills, how to read the curriculum and follow a particular policy/procedure, how to think critically about the choices they’ve made. How do we create this teachable moment and bring the conversation to beyond the level of “Do you know what you need to take?”. We want them to become self-sufficient in order to fulfill their academic goals but some need to be educated on how to get to that point. How do you do this in 30 minutes while respecting the rules of Mandatory Placement, course pre-requisites, program requirements and FERPA? This 5th Friday session will introduce you to the top ten (or more) tips to help you in the advising session to create the teachable moment and make it easier and more fulfilling for you and the student.

Secondhand Smoke: Protecting our Community - Mary Carlton, RN MS, Instructor, AD Nursing and Peggy Rinehart, DNP, APRN, NNP-BC, Assistant Professor, AD Nursing - M121
This session takes a look at the effects of secondhand smoke and the benefits of smoking cessation. It will provide helpful tips and resources to improve your health, save you money, and more.

Students at Risk? EARS Advisors Want to Help! - Dorita Bow - M115
This session will provide an overview of the EARS (Early Alert Retention Services) program. Learn how the program supports the first year experience and beyond by offering services to students, faculty, and advisors. See how the program has grown and changed since 2002 and offer suggestions for the future.

Design on a Dime: Easy Course Design with NO Technology - Connie Rine – M119
Course Design without using Technology-The first step to moving your course to Blackboard is to plan your course. During this session you will discover how to start planning your course, what the options you have for assessing students, communicating with students and sharing your knowledge with students. Find out where to get help with designing your course and preparing materials for your course. You don’t have to know everything about Blackboard or technology if you have a plan to follow. In this session you can get started on your plan without even touching technology.

The Outlook CAN Be Great! Getting the Most from Your Email Experience – Bill Davis – N119
Even the most organized person can be overwhelmed with the digital abyss called email. Bring your questions and join this session to learn how to maximize your email experience using things like assign policies, categories, folders, rules, and more.

BCTC Alliance: Supporting Our LGBT Community - Melissa Terry, Greg Feeney, Michael Birchett, and Becky Critchfield – M128
The BCTC Alliance is a coalition working to support and promote diversity and inclusion at BCTC. Group works to address the issues in the college by bringing forth the concerns of the LGBTQIA community. Open discussion concerning upcoming Safe Space Training and campus wide event.

Descriptions: Concurrent Session 4 | 2:15 - 3:00 p.m.

Back to Bb Basics - Connie Rine - N119
Want to learn more about creating a BlackBoard shell? How about posting student grades? Ever wonder how to create a link or upload documents for your students? This session will introduce you to the exciting world of BlackBoard!

JOINT PRESENTATION: What happened with advising over the summer & The Online Advisor - Pam Bates and Ben Worth - M122AB
This session will provide you information on the new initiatives implemented by the Advising and Assessment Center including first year experience orientation for our new freshmen population, transfer/readmit students and continuing students. The collaboration between faculty advising and student development advising over the summer is the beginning of developing a variety of methods to meet our student’s needs for advising. Please join us in the discussion of improving academic advising for all our students. In addition, it will also offer tips and recommendations for conducting academic advising at a distance. Yes…you can still play an active role as an advisor using telephone, email and other tools.

The Power of Positive Thinking - Robin Davis - M128
We have all been faced with issues in life that affect our health, well-being, families, and jobs. It is so important, in our jobs at a learning college, for us to strive to meet the needs of our students and help them be successful. During my breast cancer diagnosis and treatments in 2009, I learned some valuable life lessons…one of the most important being that laughter and a positive attitude are the key ingredients to our success in life. I will share some highlights of my breast cancer journey and a slideshow of my experiences, as we discover how humor and the power of positive thinking can help us be the best that we can be at supporting students and helping them succeed. Join us for an interactive session filled with emotion, laughter, and inspiration!

Blackboard Student Service Center and BCTC . . . . Rollout Success! - Cathy Hart, Associate Director of Financial Aid and College Lead and Runan Pendergrast, Associate Dean of Financial Aid - M120
This session will provide an update on 24/7 365 call center for Financial Aid and Student Billing. Information will include call volume, escalated tickets, updating the knowledge base and volume drivers.

Student Finances – FACTS or FICTION? - Justin Ball - M121
This session will explain how to provide students with accurate and available payment options.

Good is Good, but GREAT is Better: Creating Customer Service Excellence – Erin Tipton – M119
Why stop at good when you can be “GREAT”? To provide great service to our students, we must provide great service to one another. Join Erin as she leads a discussion to explore the concept of customer service, what it means to you, how it relates to our mission, various types of customer service issues encountered at BCTC, and how you can go from “good” to “great”!

HR to the Rescue! PPE help is here – Jane Goatley and Deb Catlett – M122C
Join Jane Goatley and Deb Catlett to get answers to your questions regarding staff PPEs and to help you finalize the PPE process.