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ProCard FAQs

What is a disbursement packet?

This is a phrase commonly used in BCTC's Purchasing Department in reference to BCTC processing documents and supporting documentation required under a given circumstance.  For example, a "disbursement packet" must contain all of the following: 

  • BA8 or BA50
  • Supporting documentation (original receipt, etc.)
  • Email correspondence / approvals as applicable
  • If applicable:
    • Agenda, flyer, announcement of event
    • List of attendees
    • Sign-in sheet (for meals & refreshments)
    • Signed contract(s) 
      • !! Only BCTC CFO & CEO may sign contracts !!
    • Pre-authorized out-of-state/out-of-country travel authorization forms

What if I accidentally lose my original receipt?

If you accidentally lose the original receipt:

  • Request a copy of the receipt from the vendor,
  • Submit the copy as supporting documentation,

What happens if I receive a ProCard violation?

In the case of a first violation, you will receive a written notification (email or letter) describing the violation.

For a second violation, you will be suspended from using a ProCard for 30 days.

For a third violation, you will lose privileges to use a ProCard.

NOTE: Depending on seriousness of the violation, disciplinary action may also include immediate account termination and/or suspension or termination of employment with BCTC/KCTCS.

What if the vendor does not accept a ProCard?

If a vendor does not accept a ProCard, you should:

  • Attempt to locate a vendor that will accept the ProCard,
  • Process the item as a voucher, if possible or
  • Process the item as an Employee Reimbursement.

What is the difference between a custodial cardholder, a cardholder and a custodial card user?

A custodial cardholder is an employee who receives a ProCard and will be allowing other employee's to use the card.

A cardholder is an employee who receives a ProCard and will be the only person using the card.

A custodial card user is an employee who has been given permission by the custodial cardholder to use his/her card.

What types of activity is a ProCard violation issued for?

A ProCard violation can be issued for any non-compliance with BCTC/KCTCS policy and procedure related to the use of ProCards, including, but not limited to:

  • Charging personal charges,
  • Splitting a transaction to avoid the single purchase limit,
  • Charging capital assets,
  • Charging employee hotel accommodations,
  • Charging car rental without prior written approval and documented justification,
  • Failure to submit statement of account to the ProCard administrator by the established deadline, etc.