Purchases Requiring System Office Approval

Certain types of purchases require approval from the System Office (KCTCS) before the purchase is made.

Examples of items for which System Office approval is required include:

  • All dinner meals
  • Any meal that exceeds the per diem limit
  • Employee accommodations charged on a pro-card.
    • Note: Generally, employees should pay for accommodations and request reimbursement via a travel voucher. However, if unusual circumstances require use of a pro-card for employee accommodations, then System Office approval is required.
  • Accommodations for student events
  • Direct bill requests (such as for meeting rooms and group/student accommodations)
  • Meals or refreshments for student events costing > $2,500
  • On campus college hosted conference or general community meeting > $2,500
  • Employee reimbursements > $500
  • Accounts payable vouchers > $5,000
  • All contracts, including catering, require KCTCS Purchasing approval.
    • Note: Contracts may only be signed by BCTC President or CFO, or their designee.
  • Individual memberships
  • Any request for an exception to a KCTCS Business Procedure

In cases where System Office approval is required, please submit complete and accurate documentation 10 days prior to the date for which you need the approval.  Please submit requests directly to Melissa Jones at mjones0401@kctcs.edu.