Preparing a Voucher

  • Prepare a separate travel voucher (Form BA3) for each major trip OR for a one month period.
    • Do not submit a travel voucher that includes expenses for dates in two fiscal years.
  • Provide detail of expenses by day and by category (lodging, meals, mileage, etc.).
    • Do not submit expenses by category for an entire trip.
  • Form BA3a - Travel Continuation Form - use this form if you need additional space.
  • Form BA3b - Other Expenses - use this form for parking, tolls, subways, etc.

Travel Vouchers Must Include

  • Vendor identification number.
  • To find your vendor identification number, log into KCTCS Employee Self-Service, select the Personal Information tab, scroll to the bottom of the Personal Information tab.
  • Purpose of each trip.
    • Do not use abbreviations and acronyms to describe conferences.
  • Supporting documentation.
    • Conference brochure, meeting agenda, etc.
  • Employee signature and date signed.
  • Employee’s supervisor or signature of individual with budget authority.
  • Out-of-state or out-of-country travel authorization approval.
  • Original receipts for expenses exceeding $20.
  • Copy of procedure exception approval, if applicable.

Account Numbers Used For Travel Expenses Include

  • 50110 Employee In-state Travel 
  • 50120 Employee Out-of-state Travel
  • 50130 Non-Employee Travel
  • 50131 Non-Employee Professional Development Travel
  • 50132 Board of Regents In-State Travel
  • 50133 Board of Regents Out-of-State Travel