BCTC Colonel

Momentum: Transfer Advising Training

"You must be the change you want to see in the world".
Mahatma Gandhi

Faculty and StaffWelcome to Momentum! The goal of this program is to increase the transfer rate of BCTC students by increasing the effectiveness of transfer advising that we provide to BCTC students.

Faculty and staff play a unique role in providing information about transfer to BCTC students. Your interactions with students allow you to plant dreams that will take students well beyond BCTC for their education. Now, with Momentum, you will have access to even more information to prepare students for successful transfer.

Momentum Modules 1 and 2

Modules 1 & 2
Introduction to Momentum & Gaining Momentum

  • Will my credits transfer?
  • How can I pay for a bachelor's degree?
  • FAQ's from BCTC Students
Momentum Module 3

Module 3
Making moments count

  • My role as an advisor
  • What should I do?
  • What should I ask?
Momentum Module 4 Module 4
General Education Transfer Policy
  • Three Levels of Certification
  • 33-Hour General Education Core
  • Applied Associate Transfer Agreement
Momentum Modules 5 and 6 Module 5 & 6
Transfer Equivalencies & Transfer Agreements: Articulations, 2+2, etc.
  • How will credits transfer?
  • Equivalency Guides
  • Transfer Agreements
Momentum Module 7.1 Module 7.1
Institutional Specializations: Eastern Kentucky University
  • Application Process
  • Academic Programs
  • Evaluation of Awarding of Transfer Credit
  • EKU's Transfer Center
  • Transfer Policies
  • BCTC Colonel
Momentum Module 7.2 Module 7.2
Institutional Specializations: Kentucky State University
  • Academic Programs
  • Transfer Policies
  • Admissions Process
  • Scholarships
Momentum Module 7.3 Module 7.3
Institutional Specializations: Morehead State University
  • Academic Programs
  • Transfer Agreements
  • Online Degrees
  • Scholarships
  • MSU Contact information
Momentum Module 7.4 Module 7.4
Institutional Specializations: Northern Kentucky University
  • Academic Programs
  • Transfer Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • NKU Contact Information
Momentum Module 7.5 Module 7.5
Institutional Specializations: University of Kentucky
  • Academic Programs
  • Transfer Planning
  • Scholarships
  • Important UK Transfer Policies
Momentum Module 7.6 Module 7.6
Institutional Specializations: University of Louisville
  • Academic Programs
  • Transfer Planning
  • Scholarships
  • Contacts
Momentum Module 8 Module 8
Tranfer Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • Scholarship Information
  • Transfering FAFSA
  • 4-Year FAFSA School Codes
Momentum Module 9 Module 9
Helping Students Apply & Transfer
  • When to Apply?
  • Transcript Questions
Momentum Module 10 Module 10
How can the Transfer Center help?
  • What is the Transfer Center?
  • Services Offered by the Transfer Center
  • Transfer Center Contacts