Assessment and Testing

The Workforce Solutions Assessment and Testing Center supports economic growth and development within Kentucky through sound business decisions and knowledge/skills-based growth.

We assist industries in selecting, developing, and administering appropriate test instruments to evaluate skill levels of applicants or current employees. 

We conduct job profiles, job analyses, testing and assessment services. Test and assessment results are used as components in determining employment, job selection, promotion, training or development needs. 

  • They are also used to document baseline knowledge and verify training or development needs.
  • They are also used to document baseline knowledge and verify training accomplishments.

Some of our services result in professional licenses or nationally recognized certifications for participating candidates. Other services help organizations determine their organizational dynamics. All services promote economic and personal growth through the development of human capital and organizational effectiveness. We customize our services to meet the specific needs of the community, business, organization or individual. 

For More Information about these services, training/development programs, or other customized assistance, please call Mary Maggard, Manager of Assessment Services (859) 246-6669 or (859) 246-6671, or e-mail her at