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Adjunct Faculty Pay Survey  Amber Moreland
Adult Agriculture Budgets  Kelley Sandefur
Benchmark Surveys Amber Moreland
Benefits Recharge Journal (HRBens) Lora Woods
Biennial Budget Brendan Lehane
Blackboard Training (See Financials Training)  Lora Woods
Board Agenda Items (Tuition and Budget) Brendan Lehane
Budget Book Amber Moreland
Budget Module Brendan Lehane
Calendar (See Budget Planning Calendar)  
Catalog Update (See Student Catalog Update)  
Cell Phone Billing Lora Woods
Cell Phone Database  Jessica Corbin
CPE - FD and Trust Fund Reports Brendan Lehane
Dependent Waivers (See Spouse/Dependent Waivers)  
Direct Bill Charges Jessica Corbin
Encumbrances (System Office payroll) Lora Woods
Enrollment Analysis Brendan Lehane
Fellows Program Funding Brendan Lehane
Financial Dashboards and Reporting Amber Moreland
Financials Training (Blackboard) Lora Woods
Fund Balance  Brendan Lehane
Funding Allocation Model (FAM) Operations Brendan Lehane
Funding Allocation Model (FAM) Policy Brendan Lehane
General Fund Allocation and Distribution Brendan Lehane
Gift Account Fund Balances Brendan Lehane
HRMS – Set up Account Code Strings for Colleges Lora Woods
Learn On Demand (VLI) budgets Lora Woods
KNAT Lora Woods
Overdrafts for Colleges Brendan Lehane
PeopleSoft Testing for fixes and upgrades (See Testing…)  
Perkins Plan Reports Brendan Lehane
Policies and Procedures for Budgeting (See Budget Policies and Procedures)  
Public Funds Calculation (PFC) Operations Brendan Lehane
Quarterly Variance Report Brendan Lehane
Queries and Reports  Jessica Corbin
Recharges Jessica Corbin
Reports Module Amber Moreland
Requisitions for Systemwide Expenses Lora Woods
Scholarships (KCTCS supported) Amber Moreland
SEEK Information Lora Woods
SNA Requests/Process Brendan Lehane
Student Catalog Update -Tuition and Charges Section Lora Woods
Testing for PS fixes and upgrades Jessica Corbin
Tuition Benchmark Survey Kelley Sandefur
Tuition Revenue/Waiver Analysis Brendan Lehane
Variance Report (See Quarterly Variance Report)  
Webpage for System Office Budget & Financial Planning Lora Woods
Wireless Phone Billing (See Cell Phone Billing)  
Wireless Phone Database (See Cell Phone Database)  

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